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Can bad credit keep you from being an accountant?

I have a friend who is getting their house foreclosed on, and obviously her credit will be in the toilet. I’ve heard poor credit can keep you from getting certain jobs. She is going to school to be an accountant. Will she even be able to have such a job with terrible credit? Can people who hire you as an accountant have access to your credit history? Who would want to hire a person when it looks like they can’t handle their own finances? What I am basically wondering is if it is even worth her continuing in school for this, or if it would be best to go in another direction.

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4 Responses to “Can bad credit keep you from being an accountant?”

  1. frofro32 said :

    No. However it is all quite ironic. Perhaps she should choose a different career path.

  2. Yousaidit said :

    I am going to politely disagree with frofro32’s answer. Yes, a terrible credit score can deter you from future employment and most likely in the accounting field this may be a significant determining factor. Many new applications state their stipulations and factors that will may affect hiring: drug tests, background checks, reference checks, and credit checks. (many now even check myspace and facebook to research their pages)

    However, since you didn’t say the house has been foreclosed (it sounds like it is still in the process) suggest that your friend contact her bank to see if they can qualify for the new modification program. If that doesn’t work see if she can do a short sale on the house in order to get it sold before it goes into foreclosure. Banks are really working with people to get these situations resolved.

    I had a friend who didn’t pay her mortgage for a year, and the bank not only waive those payments but also the fees, but removed 35K off of the original balance, and re-amortized the loan so she could afford it.

  3. infinite crisis 247 said :

    it sure can. many jobs dealing with money will do complete background checks on the applicant (criminal, credit, etc.). one of the major things that they are looking for is foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc. these candidates are often screened out (although not as much as in the past as more “average joes” are facing foreclosures than ever before). this is not because the clients will not feel comfortable with the person’s fiscal ability (after all, how is the client going to know that the accountant is being foreclosed), but because those in financial trouble tend to be more desperate or will sometimes resort to dishonest means or are more susceptible to bribes. these open the company up to liability. this is no perfect way to tell this of course, but many companies don’t want to take the chance.

  4. Katherine W said :

    She can still do accounting, but she might have to be self-employed. Clients aren’t going to check her credit. Also, the last two years of your credit count more, and frankly, it will take her at least that long to get through school, so it’s possible that by the time she finishes school, her bad credit will have been replaced by better credit, as long as she learns from this and changes her ways. Refer her to so she can go to meetings and learn what she can do differently in the future.


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