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Am looking for a credit card for a discharged bankrupt to start and build a new credit rating?

I was made a bankrupt in May 2002 and discharged in May 2005 at the stockport County Court. I am looking for a new credit start with a new credit card to enable me to rebuild my credit rating. I live with my wife who does have a mortgage and several credit cards.

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9 Responses to “Am looking for a credit card for a discharged bankrupt to start and build a new credit rating?”

  1. The Charmed One said :

    Why dont you start off being an additional card holder on one of your wife’s cards?

    Capital One credit cards are easy to get. You wont get much of a limit on it but its a start.

  2. Horton Hears You! said :

    Prepaid credit cards.

  3. sarah n said :

    capital one or vanquis, you will only get around £ 250 to start with but its a start

  4. db said :

    get loan instead of credit card rate too high.if unsuccessful secure it against home try wife

  5. corky123 said :

    Try Orchard Bank. They specialize in credit cards for people who have experienced bankruptcy or other difficulties. They will likely give you an unsecured card with a small credit limit to begin with. If you use it for small purchases and pay them on time faithfully, you’ll take a step toward re-establishing your credit.

  6. naughtybecksy K said :

    Good luck mate, I doubt it.

  7. alatoruk said :

    ok, mine was a year earlier (may 2001- may 2004) but this is what I did.

    Oct 2005 (so thats nearly 18 months after) I applied for a credit card with Capital One. They offered me one with a £200 limit but I had to pay a £200 deposit. I then used this to buy petrol with nd paid it off, in full, WITHOUT FAIL every month, sometimes twice a month.

    This rebuilt my credit history so that after about 9 months I applied for a card from RBS, which I got allbeit with 1/2 the normal starting credit limit.

    I now have 3 cards, the capital one card (keep thinking about getting my deposit back, but keep it because I cant spend too much on it), the RBS one that has my purchases on (like a new TV a few months ago) and a barclaycard I took out recently and used for balance transfer as my interest free period was up on the RBS one).

    I think having a decent salary helped with my applications but as you can see it is more than possible.

  8. Succes said :

    Bad credit credit cards have been developed for people with poor credit and want to improve their credit rating. There are two types of credit cards: secured and unsecured credit cards. You have to choose between these two, based on various factors with the stable income being the crucial one.

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